Heat Systems for Farrowing and Weaner Houses

Heat systems for farrowing and weaners sections are intelligent. They watch and react constantly at changes in animal behavior. We are able to see whether pigs are awake or sleeping.

It is the infrared technology of VengSystem, which oversees the animals 24/7. The result is excellent animal welfare and low consumption of energy.

We see a house or pen divided into two areas: The macroclimate, where animals eat, dong and practice and where farm staff are. In addition, the microclimate, where animals rest and sleep, where piglets live. The two areas have different demands. In farrowing piglets want it hot, but sows want it cool. Creating two climate systems and manage the two areas differently improves conditions for all involved and rises production results considerably.

The responsible for the macroclimate is the ventilation system and its control. The microclimate has canopies, heat systems and control of the position of the canopies. VengSystem has the intelligent heat lamp for farrowing and early weaning (baby pigs, preweaning) and the intelligent canopy for weaners (nurseries).

VengSystem has patents and patent applications.


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