Ventilation Systems for Lifestock Farms

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A ventilation system should ensure an optimal environment in the house, which provides production efficiency and animal welfare.

luftindtagThere has to be an air inlet, an air outlet and a control of these. Depending on the requirements, a number of add-ons can be needed. The air inlet creates the environment, and the outlet creates stability. The air inlet distributes the air, generates air movement, and is therefore the main cause of environment in the house. The air outlet determines the volume flow, and thus air quality and susceptibility to wind suction. The controller maintains the desired environment.

The control unit - VE108 - performes three tasks:

  • Measures the actual environment in the house
  • Calculates values for air intake, air outlet, heat and cooling.
  • Sends the calculated values to the units that performs the task required

In this way, a VengSystem ventilation system is always intelligent, flexible and easy to upgrade, if new regulations or technologies emerge. You can choose different options, see the menu on the left.

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