The History is the Base for the Future

VengSystem was founded in 2000 by Niels Veng. He has developed the foundation for all systems, which are so universal that they never grow obsolete.

He searched and found a more efficient, future safe and simple system than were (and is) at the market for environment for livestock houses.

He has since the seventies been involved with livestock houses and especially environment and ventilation. He has worked in all climate zones with development and projects and has today knowledge second to none – worldwide.

Every time you choose a product from VengSystem you get some of this enormous expertise and counseling.

Since the foundation the company has had a controlled growth, and has today a range of skilled employees. VengSystem exports half of its production and has been recognized as a serious supplier of environmental systems for livestock buildings. In 2009 VengSystem changed to a limited company. Today VengSystem is a well consolidated company, which can continue without Niels Veng, if he should decide to go..

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