Do not forget the Impact of the Wind

An air outlet has a shutter, which most often is motor controlled. The task of the shutter is to prevent the suction of the wind to penetrate the air outlet and destroy the environment. It also has a function to close the room with no animals in cold winter.

When a fan runs at low speed it loses its ability to control the air flow. This is regardless even with the modern EC type fans.
Generally you can express that the more blades the propeller have, the more resistive it is to wind suction. But many blades also costs electricity at full air flow.

This explains why the shutter closes at lower air flow. This forces the fan to run faster and the air outlet is less sensible to the wind suction.

If you want the lowest electricity consumption during a test, you leave the shutter open and pray that the animals do not respond negatively during the test. Most test of this kind do not test the animal performance, but the experience of VengSystem is that a wind stable air outlet stabilizes the production results.

Wind Stability

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