Monitor your Fans and get an Alarm before it starts a Fire

VengSystem can supply an alarm system, which monitors all fans and releases an alarm if one gets too warm. There alarms are widespread in Norway and are called “fan alarms”. The biggest insurance company Gjensidige offers a 20 % discount on the complete insurance premium, if fans are monitored.

Gjensidige has tested and approved VengSystem fan alarm system. The fan alarm system can easily be expanded with traditional ventilation alarm and power failure etc.

Fan alarm systems are based upon the VE Bus cable, which means only one electrical cable is required connecting up to 40 fans. The same cable can also handle up to 20 rooms with ventilation alarm. It is easy to connect a PC, where you have the perfect overlook of all temperatures and settings at the screen.

The system is so simple that you can install it yourself. With a Plug & Play delivery it is ready to work after installation. If any fault during installation it will show the display. The fan alarm system connects normally to the existing telephone alarm system, so you will have a call if a fan gets too warm.

You might order the system from your dealer or directly from VengSystem.


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