Fans create the Pressure in the Room


VengSystem manufactures the fans used for Hi-Lo ventilation and to the following dimensions: Ø470, Ø520, Ø580, Ø650, Ø730, Ø820 and Ø920. Other dimensions are requested during renovation and these are met by trimming the propellers.

All these fans have a seven conductor and screened cable. The wires 1+2+3 are the three phases, 5+6 are the built-in thermal switch, which handles 230 Volt. In addition to the fan VengSystem supplies a box with the necessary three phase relays and wiring, which includes motor protection. The electrical installer has no cost to motor overload equipment.


The motors are manufactured in Europe by recognized manufacturers. They comply with the newest norms on energy efficiency, and the motor quality is excellent. Fitted in the air outlet it is 100 % water tight.  

The propellers are selected to fit exactly the demands at the working points. They are resistive to the blow from a bird or lumps of dirt falling down.  

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