The only waterproofed Heat Lamp for Canopies

Less work with the waterproof heat lamp from VengSystem as well as lower consumption of energy.

Designed for canopies four screws hold the lamp in place. Solid made of one sheet of heavy aluminium. 210 mm hole required.
To be fitted with either protective mesh or protective special glass preventing animals reaching the bulb.
The special glass lets heat pass through and has a rubber seal. Place glass between top of canopy and the heat lamp. With the glass fitted, the heat lamp is fully water tight both from below and above.

  • Stays in room during wash (reduced pressure if power washed), saves labour.
  • Increased lifetime of bulbs when the lamp stays in place.
  • To be used with bulbs up to 150 Watt.
  • High efficiency producing radiant heat.
  • Stainless steel contacts and wires.
  • High quality and high temperature bulb holder.
  • Also available with CEE plug (blue) or Swiss plug.
  • Available with 1.8 or 3.0 meter cord.
  • Air tight, no hot air flows through generating draughts at piglets.

For easy and safe fitting of the heat lamp at the canopy, especially with double-walled material a fixture is available. It fits up to 35 mm thickness of the canopy sealing the openings from cutting the hole. The fixture also makes it easier to position the glass as it has a depression of the same size. The required hole is 210 mm.



Spare part kits are available. Order VS150-102 if a bulb has damaged the bulb holder. Order VS150-103 if sow or pigs have chewed the cord.

Leaflet VE150 heat lamp



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