Controlling the Air Flow of an Air Outlet

VE136 Air Outlet Module controls one air outlet according with the Hi-Lo principle. It controls both a shutter with V8 or V12 actuators and a fan. Push buttons AUT, Close, Stop/OFF and Open are located at the front. Keeping the Stop button for three seconds also stop the fan. Working range can easily be defined by holding the Close or Open button together with the Stop button. Output voltage to the motor can be set and read. Maximum motor current can be set and read. Potentiometer voltage can be read, zero Volt at closed, 5 Volt at open. The control lamps Line, Send and Error display the condition of the VE bus.

VE136-001 handles the V8 actuator; VE136-010 handles the V12 actuator.








Fan box 1 and 2 work together with VE136 Air Outlet Module. Fan box 1 handles air outlet with on/off function. Fan box 2 handles air outlet with variable capacity as Hi-Lo. The boxes have three-phase relays, control wires and a route to VE136 so installation is quick. The box forms together with the built-in switch in the fan itself the motor overload protection, so the cost of electrical installation is low. 





Frequency Converters come in three versions, 0.75, 1.5 or 2.2 kW. Supply voltage is 230 Vac, and output voltage is 3 x 230 Volt for the fans. The Hi-Lo principle allows one frequency converter to serve several fans also in different rooms. It can also serve many fans with Hi-Lo because they run at 60 % speed. At 100 % speed the fans are connected directly to the mains.
Two versions are available: IP30 to be built-in or IP55 ready to be installed in the room or in the corridor. 

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