Roof Vents are like Chimneys but Air flows opposite

Roof vents

If you do not have free outer walls for wall vents, nor have any attic or the room is very leaky, you go for roof vents.

Roof vents are placed in the roof like an air outlet. It has a hood on top to prevent rain water being sucked in. The internal low side has a distribution head, which guides the air. In some cases you might omit the fan building a negative pressure system.

VengSystem has roof vents in many sizes. They all have a unique system to secure the mixture of the cold fresh air. At low ventilation the aperture is small circular shaped nozzles, which is the optimum design of an air intake. As ventilation goes high they are transformed into a plane radial jet, which has a shorter throw of air.

The aperture of the roof vent is controlled by an actuator, which also can open in case of a power failure. Emergency ventilation is very limited with this system, so emergency openings as windows and doors are highly recommended.

This system is not sensible to wind, when you have fans in the roof vent.

The disadvantage is 3 times higher consumption of electricity and a much higher price.



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