Get bigger Litters

The ambient temperature cannot be held at 20° in the hot season, and you cannot avoid a lower feed intake.

An active heat lamp of 150 Watt at 30° ambient temperature corresponds to 50 % of the sensible heat of a sow and her piglets (CIGR). When the heat lamp is ON it means +1° warmer ambient even with recommended ventilation. Besides this is waste of energy it also affect the sow with less feed intake and loss of weight.

Weight loss of a sow = weaker heat

When a sow loses weight during lactating period she will show weaker heat after weaning. You will have fewer embryos and fewer gestating sows. We do not have much research in this field, but in general you will lack one piglet in the following round, when the fewer pregnant sows are included.

One extra piglet has a value of € 27 per year.

When the room is hot, the heat demand in the creep area is lower or zero. The intelligent heat lamp goes automatically OFF, when the ambient temperature is much too high.


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