Control of the Environment at a Livestock Farm

Livestock Control 2000 from VengSystem is an intelligent and future-proof system that is brilliant in its simplicity. All VengSystems products can be integrated through this patent-pending system.

Traditional management systems are often integrated into a single box, from which a myriad of cables lead around the house. If something goes wrong with the system or it needs be upgraded - ie in relation to new requirements - the whole box has to be replaced, which is often a big investment.

VengSystem takes advantage of object-based control, which means that the system is divided into a brain (VE108), and a number of responsible objects. The devices can be changed as needed, and new units can be connected to the system if the room needs to be extended or if there is new requirements for the room.

The VE-Bus

All objects communicate with the brain (VE108) through the same cable, which means halving the electric bill and the possibility of remote services via the Internet. Since each feature is separated from the control, repairs and upgrades are often cheaper and easier than traditional solutions.


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