The Environment (Climate) in Livestock Houses

The requirement to the environment inside livestock houses comprises of animals not feeling cold, having heat stress or inhale bad air. You may say that the temperature is right and the air quality is right.

The climate influences the internal environment strongly. The globe has many different climates. This explains why the climate is an important input when VengSystem design an environmental system (ventilation system). A design for Finland will be very different to a design in Spain.

VengSystem has meteorological data for almost any spot in the world, which systematically is part of any new design and offer. On top of that VengSystem has decades of experience in designing ventilation systems worldwide.

The demand to be met can be expressed by four expressions:

  • Temperature
  • Air quality
  • Uniformity
  • Security

They are all equally important and are always included in proposed designs made by us.


Behaviour of the pigs in their pens is an important issue when designing ventilation systems. The pen is the flat, where the pigs live. A pen must as a minimum have a resting area, a kitchen and a toilet. This can be met if the depth of the pen is twice the width of the pen. Feed and water must be placed in kitchen area, which is between the toilet and the resting area.

Then you must avoid draught in the resting area, when the ambient temperature is as desired. And when the ambient temperature is much above the desired temperature you must have draught in the resting area so pigs prefer to rest there even when they feel too warm. Draught in the toilet is not allowed because they would rest there and start dunging in the resting area.

It is certainly not all ventilation systems, which can meet these demands. But as partly slatted floor comes as an animal welfare precaution the above point gets more and more important. VengSystem has many decades of experience within this field, and it is included when we design system.

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