Ask VengSystem for a advanced special Solution

VengSystem has made specific systems within farm animals and environment in many cases, when the demand required something outside the normal.

Ellegaard Minipig

Mini pigs for testing medicine by the pharmaceutical industry. Temperatures year around must be between 20 and 25° and an extreme level of biosecurity.


Art transport

Highly valuable work of art must be transported from museums to exhibitions and return. During this transport temperature and humidity has to be kept within tight margins. In addition the customer demands full documentation that these limits have been kept during the entire transport.

The modular control system makes VengSystem particular competitive, and using standard control modules you have no special spare parts except software, which guaranties along life with low maintenance costs and qualified support.

Danger of contamination of boar house.

When infectious airborne diseases come closer to a boar house, big values are at stake. Some diseases might spread through the semen to many farms and the cost can be astronomic.

Even with the best biosecurity you still have the risk that the boars are contaminated by the air passing the ventilation system. To eliminate this risk you have to filter out all bacteria and virus. The type of filter depends on the degree of filtration required. Simple sheets to be put in front of traditional air intakes have a very low protection. You have to think of hospitals and the surgery theater.

Filtration of the air will not do it alone. You also must maintain a certain positive pressure in the house in order to get the air direction outwards, when you open doors and gates. Finally a monitoring system with continuous measurement of air pressure in the room and the sluices for entrance is highly recommended.


Environmental laboratory.

The University of Aarhus, Denmark, has together with VengSystem designed a modern laboratory with 4 chambers for testing farm animals and environment broadly speaking. VengSystem was chosen as the supplier because of the modular control system, which is also very efficient in collecting other information and log them at a PC.

In addition to the ventilation system itself, which has many possibilities like wall inlets, ceiling inlets, diffuse ceiling plus combinations, air out at the ceiling, below slats rear or front including combinations they have carbon dioxide and humidity control and monitoring. Also water gauges, electrical power meters, pressure sensors are connected to the VE Bus cable and then automatically present at the central PC.

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