Air Outlets with Cone makes Roof dirty

The modern air outlet for livestock houses has on top a cone. The function of the cone is to increase the air flow and reduce power consumption by reducing the speed of air before is goes into the atmosphere.

The cone is, however, also a collector of dust, which is mixed by rain water, which forms a dirty layer gradually soaks to the roof. This layer contains a lot of undesirable bacteria. When fighting salmonella you always found these bacteria in the dust of the outlet even when they were not present in the room.

Because VengSystem designs and manufacturers fan, an alternative way is possible: No cone but keep air speed in the air outlet as if there was a cone. This means lower air capacity, but you can go one step up in size, which has the same cost as a cone. Consumption of electricity is the same.

Rooms get bigger and so get air outlets. The length of the cone must reflect the diameter of the air outlet, so bigger outlets must have cones two meter long. They must be prevented against storms, which mean a lot of wires at the roof.

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