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VengSystem handles farmers in Denmark directly, and provide 24-7 assistance if necessary. Established export markets are handled with local dealer, who have trained technicians and spare parts. If a dealer has an urgent problem, he cannot figure out, he can call and use VengSystem’s 24-7 support. The support number is +45 9759 2072, where a telephone answering machine will guide how to get contact with the technician on duty. If you have no immediate answer then leave a message. The technician can be busy serving some other or be at a farm, where cell phones are not allowed.

Click the symbol below to get support via your PC and the Internet. Be sure that no other version of Teamwiewer runs at your PC. Follow the instructions given and give the technician the 9 digit ID number and later a unique password. 


An integrated part of all VengSystem products is that easy service is incorporated. In most cases a technician can find the faulty part just by instructing the farmer how to get specific information via the main controller, which also can act as an interface to all other control modules. With a PC at the site connected to the VE Bus a technician remotely can perform a range of test and measurements by built-in functions. 

+45 9759 2072
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