Environmental Sensors

VengSystem has developed a range of sensors, which covers all demands.

Measuring temperature

VE10 temperature sensor measures air temperature. Temperature range is -20°C to +60°C.

VE10A temperature sensor measures temperature. Temperature range for the sensor itself is -40°C to +100°C. Standard length of sensor cable is 1.8 meters, can be custom made up to 10 meters.

VE11 temperature and air speed sensor measures both temperature and air speed. It is superb for alarm systems in tunnel ventilated houses, where temperature alone is not a safe indicator for ventilation failure. The VE95 alarm system makes together with VE11 the perfect system for tunnel ventilated houses.






Wireless temperature sensors

VE110 temperature sensor measures temperature and sends regularly the information to a VE49 receiver. The range is up to 100 meter with free sight, and 10 – 20 meter inside houses. VE111 measures temperature using the infrared principle. The receiver VE49 connects to the VE bus cable and it comes with capacity of 8 or 48 sensors. Both sensors are designed to the harsh environment found in lorries for transport of farm animals.



Humidity sensor

Air humidity is relevant in rooms with litter, which must be kept dry by fermenting the manure of the animals as broilers and hens at the floor. Humidity sensors are sensitive to ammonia and the lifetime is limited. For rooms without any litter CO2 control is recommended. The sensor itself connects to the VE bus cable using the VE14 universal input. For lab usage a sensor from Vaisala is available. 


Ammonia, CO2 sensor

VE18 MultiSensor measures multipoint gasses as ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide, hydrogen sulphide etc. It handles up to 10 measuring points and two simultaneous sensors. Also it is capable doing relative measuring with one reference measuring point. Manifold heated to prevent condense water. Condense water sensors at all channels in order to protect the sensors. It connects to the VE bus cable and a PC. A maximum of 8 units can work at the same bus cable.  









A special version VE18C MultiSensor measures carbon dioxide in up to ten rooms. Using the VE108 environmental computer you can control the environment from the CO2 content. Standard range is zero to ten thousand ppm. 8 units can work together bringing the total number of rooms as high as 80. All you need is a 6 mm plastic hose to each individual room ending in a filter box. 

Air pressure sensing

Monitoring air pressure is especially important if the demand on biosecurity is high. It can be the entrance sluice divided into several zones with falling positive pressure in order to prevent that agents can enter the animals when staff, animals or feed move in or out. If the pressures are wrong you may have lost the biosecurity.  

Monitoring of the air pressure is vital. Are doors operated in the right sequence? Consider VE18P with 8 or 10 measuring points. It connects to the VE bus cable and the PC, where it is easy to display the pressures and log them at regular intervals. As you have one pressure sensor only, all differences are real, so the reliability is outstanding. The maintenance is cheap.

Humidity, light, water, feed etc.

VE14 universal input reads potentiometers and voltages, counts impulses and converts to velocity, rotational speed and flow. It connects to a range of sensors as pressure, humidity, meter fans, water meter, feed scale, power meter, batteries etc. A control lamp shows the input level, and the control lamps Line, Send and Error display the condition at the VE bus.

The humidity sensor connects to VE14, which converts the voltage to a number available at the VE bus. It feeds information to the VE108 environmental computer, to the VE95 alarm system and the PC with the PC Log software at the same time.

Fugtføler. Connects to VE14 which feeds the humidity value in the room to the climate controller VE108, the alarm VE95 and the PC program PC-Log simultaneously.

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