Intelligent Canopy is individual Heat per pen and common Lifting

The intelligent canopy has patent pending and patent in major pig producing countries.

The intelligent canopy demands a sloped cover (canopy) in one end of the pen. The distance from the floor is 0.7 meter at the rear and 0.4 meter at the front. Calculate 0.08 square meter per weaner. It also demands solid floor below the canopy. This floor can be permanent in areas with modest temperatures in the hot season. In hotter areas a moveable lying board is demanded. Ask VengSystem for further specifications. The solid floor as well as the board must have a minimum insulating capability. Both canopy and lying board must fit tightly to the penning walls.

A number of heat lamps sit on the canopy, the number depends on the width, age and number of piglets. A controller VE122 controls the heat output of the lamps.

A ram connected to all canopies via flexible and stainless steel wires running over stainless pulleys lift the canopies. A VE165 controls the ram, and it has buttons for manual overriding, useful when the weaners are supervised. The VE165 receives orders from the main controller VE108, where you perform start of a new batch or adjust set points.

As the weaners get older the lowest position of the canopy is automatically and gradually lifted in order to prevent the pigs entering the canopy and protect heat lamps and infrared sensor. Also this action assures that the supply of oxygen to the resting weaners is sufficient.

The intelligent canopy has been rewarded with a number of appreciations. At the Agromek Show I 2009 the intelligent canopy got both the Pig Award and the Energy Award.

At the national agricultural exhibition SPACE in Rennes in France intelligent canopy got the highest distinction in 2011.


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