Refurbishing is a VengSystem Speciality

Refurbishing of ventilation systems

VengSystem is highly skilled in refurbishing existing ventilation systems. Some of the existing components may be suitable for the new system without risking function and stability. In some cases spare parts for controllers, rams, fans or air components are no longer available. A limited project in first instance makes spare parts free and you can later do the full refurbishment without having made any compromises. VengSystem also can procure special products from a range of suppliers in order to make the best result.

In case of a refurbishment there usually is a long list of questions:

Which part can be reused?
Future stocking rate?
Problems to be solved at the same time?
Energy issues, limit of payback time?
Design of the new air outlet(s)?
Emergency systems?
New alarm system?
The farm is rented?

Our skilled consultants would like to elaborate one or several proposals with different objectives as you decide.

Second hand controllers

Some controllers have proven to have a long life time. We take these controllers back and check their functionality. We the can offer these to a section, where these can postpone a total refurbishment of the controllers one year or two. Contact us for the actual possibilities.


The behaviour of the pigs in the pens gets more and more attention. Some farmers have experienced problems with the veterinarian when exporting pigs, if they were muddy as a result of insufficient cooling or draught in the room.

Muddy pigs are generally a problem in sections with diffuse ceilings without supplementary ceiling air inlets to create air turbulence at floor level. This is also the case in wide houses with wall inlets, where some pens do not have sufficient chilling at elevated temperatures.

VengSystem can add supplementary ceiling inlets to improve chilling without having to replace the existing environmental controllers. And over time, when the old controller gives up, VengSystem can easily overtake its functions by adding a few sub-controllers. This is also the case with alarm systems.

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