PC Software for Service and Survaillance

All VE121 and VE122 controllers are ready for connection with a central computer (PC). When the software VE Setup is installed at the computer and the controllers are joined via a bus cable, you or a technician via the Internet can address any controller and perform trouble shooting or change settings. When a technician does not have to visit you, he can assist several at the same day reducing cost, and the risk of contamination of the pigs is nonexistent.

With the software PC-Sow at the central computer you will have the big picture of what goes on in all rooms and pens. You can start and end a batch, modify the temperature curve, set automatic OFF day, modify heat limitation at hot days. You can do a test of all heating lamps and check that all bulbs are OK.

When the piglets get less milk, the intelligent heat lamp must supply more heat to the creep area. An incipient illness of the sow may be the cause. With less milk the piglets work harder to feel full and they more often fall asleep next to the sow. this in turn increases the heat supplied to the creep area.

The computer collects continuously the actual heat supply and calculates the average. If the average heat supply is higher today than yesterday, the computer marks the cell with the consumption red as a warning that you may go to the pen and check the sow.

Besides this valuable information you also can see the average temperature of the creep area, the average set temperature and finally the average age of the piglets.

The software PC Sow also has a trouble-shooting tool, which is easy to use by the staff. If an infrared sensor has been damaged by the bite of a piglet, an alarm is visible and a message Sensor Fault can be read.

The software requires a computer with Windows and a number of COM or USB connections. The software can handle up to one thousand pens, divided into 8 nets for easier commissioning and fault finding. Each net requires a COM or USB port at the computer.

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