With the System connected to your PC you get remote Service

All VE121 and VE122 are ready for connection to a personal computer PC. Fit a VE99 data converter next to the PC, extend the VE bus cable from the weaner section to the VE99, and all controllers within this data net is visible from the PC.

With the PC with the software VE Setup installed you or a technician via the Internet can do commissioning, and fault finding. Check or change of control parameters is easy. You avoid the cost of a technician driving to you, which is considerable as a technician normally only can visit one farm per day.

You may also install the software PC Sow at your computer. This program gives you the big picture of what is going on in rooms and pens. You can adjust the temperature curve, change automatic off day, change heat limitation function. You also may do a heat lamp test before start of a batch, so you do not have to replace bulbs when most busy.
Start of a new batch is done at VE108 by setting the age of the batch to zero. VE108 will then reset all VE121, VE122 and VE165.

PC Sow gathers continuously information on the demand of heat in the pens. If the demand has gone up a red warning is visible at the PC screen. An increase can be an early warning of a problem.

Besides this information you also can see the average temperature, the average set temperature and the average age for each individual pen.

PC Sow also have a tool for trouble shooting, which is easy to operate by the staff. Should a sensor get damaged by a pig biting the electrical cable an error message is available at the screen.

PC Sow demands a PC with windows and a number of COM or USB connections. PC Sow can handle up to 1000 pens split into 8 data nets for easier commissioning and maintenance. Each data net demands a VE99 and a COM or USB port at the PC.


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