Get the full overview at your desktop computer

You get the full overview of the farm with a PC connected to the ventilations systems. You have unique possibilities for support and troubleshooting via the Internet, because the control system has been designed for this. You will find substantial savings on service when you do not need a technician at the site. The modular design allows you replacing modules easily.

All modules have measuring gear incorporated, which a technician can activate via the Internet, so he can measure voltages and currents as if he was at the site.

When the faulty component has been established, the dealer can ship a new and it is available next day using overnight delivery. A staff member with a little technical flair can replace it. A skilled technician might help 6 farmers in one day as opposed to one farmer without the Internet opportunity. Finally the risk of spreading diseases has gone totally.

With the software PC Log at the PC you have a window showing all settings:

  • temperature
  • carbon dioxide
  • humidity
  • ammonia
  • comfort
  • heat
  • ventilation
  • cooling
  • alarms
  • water consumption
  • feed consumption
  • electrical power and consumption

All above is stored at the PC memory with pre-set intervals and are open for analyses if you want to study a room with abnormal performance.

A second window displays all rooms and the most important settings and actual values for the environment. You may change settings directly from the PC. 

A third window displays all rooms and all relevant alarm information as actual temperature, actual minimum and maximum temperature and signals clearly if a room is off. A special security feature allows you changing alarm settings.  

All controller modules have self-check and will show an alarm lighting an error lamp. These alarms will not wake you in night time, but you have a window with a list, where you can see them all, if any fails. 

When an actuator cannot set the air inlets correctly because they have been blocked, the control module for this actuator will be at the list. The list is a unique survey of the technical condition of the complete farm. 


You may add the software PC Water to your PC, which together with a high pressure cooling system also can control dust reduction. Find further information here.

You also may add the software PC FloorHeat, which controls floor heat with unprecedented accuracy. Infrared sensors read the floor temperature in the room. It monitors that the forward water temperature do not exceed a specified limit in order to prevent damaged of the floor concrete. The software even controls the boiler so it can stop, if no demand for heat is present.


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