Showering improves Animal Welfare, Soaking improves Human Welfare


Showering of pigs is compulsory in some countries. Pigs are generally bad equipped regulating their body temperature; they have no fur and cannot sweat. In nature they wet their skin if they feel too warm. In the pen they do not have this opportunity except for a showering system.

The system is nozzles placed at ceiling level over the dunging zone, which sprays water at low pressure at predetermined intervals. You can use ordinary fresh water and a solenoid to start and stop spraying.

The pigs can go to the dunging area to get wet and then lye in the resting zone, where they dry out while feeling the coolness.

VengSystem has an advanced sub controller for this task. It depends on the ambient temperature, long intervals and short spray time at lower temperatures. As temperature rises the intervals becomes shorter and the spray time gets longer. A range of settings allows adaption to any needs.

The showering system contributes to the desired behaviour in the pens, preventing dunging in the resting zone. This also, however, depends on the ventilation system, see more here.


Soaking can use the same pipe work as showering; you simply change the nozzles in order to get the water distributed all over the floor. You also may have a separate pipe work with fixed nozzles and two valves to determine which pipe work will get the water, when the solenoid opens. Finally it can be two totally independent systems each with a solenoid and a control box. A variant is one solenoid with control box for all rooms and a valve for each room to activate soaking. This latter does not allow for a specific soaking program, high intensity at the beginning and later much lower intensity.

The VengSystem control module can control both showering and soaking. Included is a soaking program which you can activate without operating the environmental computer. When non skilled staff has to operate the computer, you always have the risk that settings unintentionally are changed. Press simultaneously at the AUT and ON buttons, and the soaking program starts.


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