Backup of Ventilation System

Emergency opening is a safety function which you can compare with first aid. It secures the animals until somebody arrives and establishes emergency ventilation.

Emergency opening is valuable in case of a power failure, where fans stop. Because the control system of VengSystem continues in case of power failure powered from a battery, all actuators are still alive and will be forced to open as temperature goes up. With fully open air inlets and air outlets most ventilation systems will procure sufficient oxygen to prevent animals dying from lack of oxygen. Animals can stand high temperatures much longer than lack of oxygen.

Emergency opening also protects against faults in the environmental computer or misuse like setting a full room to empty. The alarm function of VengSystem has this ability. It can override the commands of the environmental computer, so silly orders are neglected. You do not feel this function in daily life, but when a bad decision has been taken this function saves the animals.

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