Automatic Activation of Windows and Doors at Power Failures

This function is not a part of the ventilation system. Windows and doors must not open even if the room is much too warm. They must, however, open when you have a power failure to the room or similar case. Rooms with no power failures must not open windows and doors.

A traditional alarm system with emergency opening cannot meet this demand.

The environmental computer of VengSystem has this option included. With a battery it can run in case of a power failure. It can check for power failures and activate motors connected to doors and windows. It even has a time delay so short interruptions do not activate the motor.

It also can control motors connected to windows common to several rooms, so any room with a power failure forces all windows to open.

If you have magnets at the doors be sure that they are 24 Volt DC in order to have the time delay, which prevent you to go and shut all doors after a very short interruption.

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