Stand alone or in Combination with diffuse Ceiling

Ceiling vents

Ventilation systems with wall vents are limited in the width of the room. The maximum width depends on wall height, roof pitch and penning equipment. Wide rooms with low sloped ceiling cannot perform with wall vents. If an attic is present or can be made, ceiling inlets may be solution.

You must have sufficient aperture from outside to the attic. 0.3 square meter per 1000 m3/h is required. In some cases you may go to 0.2. The aperture must be smooth especially at the lower side to prevent mixture with air at higher levels in the attic, which can be very warm because of the sun. An option is to insulate the roof itself so the solar heat is not transferred to the attic.

A very big advantage is the free positioned of the ceiling vents. You are not bound to place vents in one place only.

Ceiling vents are placed according to the actual layout in the room and always coinciding with warm air rising from the animals, when they are resting.

This gives a challenge with partly slatted floor. When temperature is elevated pigs seek the coolest place to lie, which is not below the vents. This poses a risk of turning around in the pens dunging at the solid floor.

With a diffuse ceiling this challenge is not present, ant it is the preferable design for partly slatted floors.


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