Management Tool during Farrowing, Life Saver

LiSa 2 is a system to collect data during farrowing and improve assistance

VengSystem is now the producer and dealer of LiSa 2, which is a management system to collect information from the farrowing course and to support working routines of staff.


LiSa 2 is for bigger farms to make sure that the specified working routines are observed and collect details on the farrowing course of each individual sow. You may now cull sows with abnormal course. Open data structure so pig farm management software can read, analyse and present the collected data.

Video Lisa 2 System

LiSa 2 consists of:

  • - a number of hand terminals
  • - a docking station with charging of up to ten hand terminals with power supply 110/230V
  • - a data converter to access a PC plus software to gather and present collected data

The docking stations can be as far as 1600 meter away from the PC, and one data net can handle up to 120 hand terminals.

You need one set with 10 hand terminals for each 1000 sows.

From the PC you specify a staff list with maximum 20 people and a list of medicine with maximum of 10 different.

It is easy to use LiSa 2. When you observe a farrowing you collect a hand terminal, select your name on the list, key in the name / number of the sow. Then you key in information:

Birth assistance
Temperature measurement
Medication and dose





When you terminate this inspection and suspend the LiSa at the pen. After a preset time LiSa calls for a new observation by flashing red light. After some minutes the flashing gets more intense.

When a staff member comes to the pen, he takes the hand terminal and selects his name at the list and updates the information as above. The handset is again suspended at the pen.

This continues until the farrowing has ended and it is terminated at the handset.

The handset can be moved to another pen or placed in the docking station, where data is transferred to the PC and the battery is charged.

Test of LiSa has shown remarkable results at many farms, because the work routines are supported and no pen is overlooked. See the leaflet for further information.

So far AgroSoft has extended its software to utilise the collected data.

Lisa item numbers and spare parts

Item no.




Lisa 2 start set

Contains docking station with power supply, 1.5 meter bus cable, 10 handset, VE99 USB data converter with USB cable and USB pen with PC software and manuals.

VE950-002 Lisa 2 extension set Contains docking station with power supply, 1.5 meter bus cable, 10 handset


Lisa handset

Handset for extensions or spare part


Lisa docking station

Docking station for extensions or spare part


Lisa power supply

Power supply for extensions or spare part


Lisa top part

Top part of LiSa with hooks for suspension, 2 pieces


Lisa lens

The transparent part with the multicolour LED..



Lisa 2 comes with European and US power cable and runs from 100 to 240 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz.

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LiSa Product Sheet RU

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LiSa Product Sheet CN

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