Less negative Impact on the external Environment

Previous we accounted how a lower ambient temperature gave lower ammonia emissions. Some areas have restrictions on emissions of ammonia and equipment for reduction of ammonia is required: Slurry cooling, acidification of slurry and air cleaners.

A simple way to lower ammonia in a room is to lower the ambient temperature. The French IFIP has made a test in weaner rooms over two batches. The ambient temperature was lowered from 28 to 20° combined with intelligent canopies. Below you see the results for the two batches.

Besides measuring the ammonia concentration also the carbon dioxide was recorded. Using this to calculate the actual air flow allows you to calculate the difference in emissions. So a decrease of 80 % in ammonia concentration and a decrease of 68 % in ammonia emission was the conclusion.

As the energy savings easily pays for the intelligent canopies you also save the equipment for reducing ammonia, which can be € 4000 for 3000 weaner places.

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