Second to none Air Outlets with Hi-Lo TEchnology

Second to none air outlets

VengSystem has developed a second to none solution to air outlets with a fan, namely the Hi-Lo method. We use a three phase motor with very high efficiency compared with the traditional single phase motor with triac control or the more modern fan with direct current motors stuffed with power electronics.

Energy wise Hi-Lo is completely at the same level as the best EC or LPC fans, but it is much plainer, safer and much cheaper keeping running.

The fan itself is manufactured by VengSystem, it has a three-phase motor with very high energy efficiency and an optimised propeller designed for livestock houses. At full air flow it is connected directly to the mains and it takes 4 % less energy than the Energy Blue EC fan, which is considered to be the leading modern fan.

With air flow up to 60 % the fan runs on a frequency converter, which even can be common for several fans. The shutter, which is motor controlled, adjusts the air flow. Between 61 and 99 % demand the fan is modulated, small intervals either at 100 % or at 60 %. The intervals are calculated in order to get the average to fit perfectly. You are not able to measure any temperature variations in the room at all.

The modulation happens approximate ten per cent of the year. The modulation has a positive impact on the behaviour of pigs in a pen. As the outdoor temperature goes up, the air flow also goes up. As the outdoor temperature drives ventilation over 60 % the mixture of room air and outdoor air will come close to the ambient temperature.

It is efficient in removing the layer of warm air, which resides over a crowd of pigs. Modulation assures that it happens but secures also that you do not make draught when the layer of warm air has gone.

A faulty EC fan is very expensive; a fan in the Hi-Lo outlet has only cheap bearings, which wear out.

VengSystem has lab facilities where comparison between different fans is made. The curve below shows the very big improvement in energy efficiency of three-phase motors. The lowest curve shows the old fans controlled by triacs; the top curves show the present technology. This factor contributes to one third of the energy savings possible.

The other two third comes changing from triac control to frequency converter control. This big saving can even be realised on existent fans. When the fan eventually is worn out, then you can replace it with the modern Hi-Lo fan.

The curve below shows the electricity consumption using different control methods:

The green curve is using triac.
The blue curve is frequency control of a three phase fan.
The red curve is frequency control of a traditional single phase fan.

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