Evaporate Cooling is the sole practical Cooling Method

Cooling of livestock houses either is made by letting water evaporate, by passing air through a wet filter material (pad) or create microscopic water droplets from water at high-pressure passing nozzles. In some areas with modest summer temperatures you may let the fresh air go underground to cool it.

Generally, you practice pad cooling in warm and humid climate (tropical areas) and high pressure cooling in drier climate (subtropical and tempered areas). Both systems have their pro and con.

The simplest way of cooling is to hire a man with a hose and keep the animals wet. A showering system for controlling behaviour has some cooling effect, but it does not cool the air.

You practice cooling to animals with heat stress. This happens first to lactating sows and broilers, where you have the biggest daily feed intake. A lot of food generates a lot of heat inside the body of the animal, which it must get rid of. If the ambient temperature is so high that this is not possible then the animal suffers heat stress, which causes loss of production and eventually dead animals.

The cooling system has both an economical value and contributes to the animal welfare.

Fresh water contains some dissolved salts, which influences the stability and maintenance of a cooling system. In a pad cooling system it is only the water, which can evaporate, salts stay and get gradually more and more concentrated, which destroy the pad itself. This is also the case even when practicing bleed-off, because each stop of cooling and drying out of the pad forces salts to build solid salt, which in many cases cannot be dissolved again.

In a high-pressure system the salts go through the nozzles and form a thin grey layer in the room. This has mainly cosmetic impact. Each time the cooling stops some water resides at the nozzle, where it will evaporate. The salts will stay and some salts form crystals, which is not soluble in water anymore. This will gradually block the nozzle. You may place the nozzles in hot acid water, where the crystals tend to disappear, but the real solution is to soften the water before is goes to the cooling system. Softening the water assures that only soluble salts are dissolved in the water.  

VengSystem has a range of automatic water softener. They regenerate automatically and you just have to check that it has sodium chloride.





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