Climate Computer

An environmental computer maintains a desired condition.



The computer (brain module) has three basics tasks:

  1. Collect from sensors the present environment.
  2. Calculate new values for heat, ventilation and cooling using the collected information.
  3. Send new control orders to all responsible sub modules, which then in turn conduct the orders. 

The brain module has superior capacity and a super plain user interface, which all can operate correctly. The brain module can:

  • Control the environment in max. 8 rooms or zones plus a common room.
  • Communicate with max. 85 sensors or responsible sub modules.
  • Perform stage control or intelligent stage control with max. 16 stages.
  • Automatic calculation of average temperature of 80 sensors.
  • Control from air humidity, carbon dioxide and ammonia – simultaneously
  • Control common air in or air out from max. 100 rooms.
  • Be terminal for operating alarm system or air cleaner system.
  • Handle independently curves for heat, ventilation and cooling.
  • Control emergency openings (windows, doors) from power failure.
  • Present information on any sub module for fast trouble shooting via telephone.
  • Be replaced in less than 5 minutes by staff members.
  • Provide information on ventilation, both in per cent and m3/h. 
  • Control any type of fan, triac, transformer, frequency, EC, natural (ACNV). 
  • Control heat and cooling of a common corridor.
  • Work with a super flexible negative pressure curve.

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