Many Options for fixing Controllers

The intelligent heat lamp consists of a controller and a heat lamp.

Fix the controller at eye level. Do not power wash the controller with full pressure and short distance. Fix the controller with four 3.5 mm screws at the wall and aligned with the canopies.
















You may use the present heat lamp or you can acquire the water proof heat lamp from VengSystem. VE121 controls one pen, VE122 controls two pens with canopies side by side.

In case you have no wall for fixing and you have a horizontal ceiling you may use a ceiling rail combined with suspension rails. The ceiling rail fits over 600 mm, has oblong holes for 120 mm adjustment. For each 120 mm the ceiling rail has holes for fixing the suspension rails so the controller always can be fixed exactly over a penning wall. The suspension rail comes with two different lengths, 600 and 1000 mm. Bolts etc. for assembling are included. 6 mm screws for fixing the ceiling rail to the ceiling are not included as they depend on the ceiling material.

You may fix the controller at a semi-wall placed between the rows of farrowing pens. Take the suspension rails of 1000 mm in order to lift the controller to eye level.

With no flat ceiling available you may fix the controller at the feed pipe above the canopies. The suspension rails for this job have punched holes to be fixed using pipe clamps with dimensions from 45 to 65 mm, depending on the actual diameter of the feed pipe.

If the feed pipes do not run parallel with the rows of pens you may use a different fixture combined with a pipe clamp fitting the size of the feed pipe.

For all suspension rails an extension of net 170 mm is available. 

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