Less Heat Stress of your Sow with intelligent Heat Lamp

Canopies and intelligent heat lamp mean:

  • Lower ambient temperature possible
  • Less stress in creep area.

With canopies and intelligent heat lamp you may reduce the ambient temperature from 24° to 20°. The sows will eat more feed with the lower temperature. Recent research showed that a change in temperature from 22 to 18° gave 10 % bigger feed intake (+ 2.5 % / °). Further an increase in temperature from 22° to 30° reduced feed intake with 30 % (- 3.7 % / °).

You have less stress in the creep zone when the piglets do not have to rise and seek better placed to rest. They feel cold, when you turn off the heat lamp, and they feel too warm, when the heat lamp is constantly on.

Under the given circumstances the sow produces a certain volume of milk. This milk is partly wasted if a piglet dies close to weaning, if it uses milk to keep itself warm or if it moves too much around in order to feel comfortable.

The French pig Association IFIP has together with the cooperative Triskilia made a big test with canopies and intelligent heat lamps. This comprehensive test showed +400 gram heavier piglets at weaning. This corresponds to almost € 21 per year with 5 week cycle in farrowing.

As a minimum +100 gram weight gain is expected. With 5 week farrowing cycle you have 10.4 litters per year. With 13.5 weaned piglets per litter you wean 140 piglets per year, so you will have 14 kg. extra per year. The value is € 1.5 per kg. and in total you have € 21 extra per farrowing pen and per year.

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