Remarkable efficient Air Exhaustion

Intelligent stage control

Rooms with more than one air outlet you can improve the energy efficiency. Traditionally all fans run at the same speed and on common actuator adjust the shutters.

As computers were more common for control the stage control was introduced in the nineties. One air outlet is variable and the remaining are on or off (MultiStep, Skov).

When the demand for air exceeds the capacity of the variable air outlet, then one on/off outlet starts and the variable reverses to almost zero. This is repeated when the demand is bigger than the on/off outlet plus the variable. The savings on electricity is around 40 % dependent on the number of outlets.

The Hi-Lo outlet principle gives a new opportunity. If all outlets are built as Hi-Lo, which just requires an extra relay at each outlet, then VengSystem can control the first outlet up to 60 %, then start the second outlet and control it up to 60 % and so on. In addition the common frequency converter must be bigger.

When the air demand of the ventilation system reaches 60 %, then all air outlets runs with open shutters and at 60 % speed. When the demand exceeds 60 %, the individual outlets start time modulating, which is time controlled running at 60 % from the frequency converter and running 100 % directly from the mains.

We call this method intelligent stage control. The savings is further 40 % with four outlets in a room or 64 % compared to all fans running traditional. In addition the noise level will be much lower compared with ordinary stage control.

Also notice that all fans have plain three phase motors. You do not have costly EC or LPC fans in your air outlets.

The principle can be seen in the sketch below. The different colours show four different air outlets. In this example the air outlets run to 50 %, where a new fan cuts in. Then you are all lifted from 50 to 60 %, where time modulation starts.


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