Superb Economy with intelligent Canopies

Investing in intelligent canopies has healthy finances. The payback time can be as short as one year, depending on the actual conditions in the section. The table below assumes a room without any canopies and that the present heating system is based upon electricity.



Yearly value per room with 480 weaners


Energy savings

(86-5) kWh x 480 x € 0.1 = € 3888

IFIP numbers

Lower mortality

3000 weaners x 0.5% x € 40  = € 600

+ 0.5 % survives

Heavier at end of batch

3000 weaners x 1 kg x € 1.1 = € 3300

+ 1 kg.

Less ammonia

€ 500

Depreciation and running costs




Total yearly value

€ 8288

47 % is energy savings

Above number gives a payback time between 1 and 2 years. If you calculate from energy savings only the payback time is around 3 years. Even if you do not see any improvements in animal performance the payback time is attractive, much better than payback time of a new building. Also remember that you save investment in a traditional heating system, maybe also floor heating, if you build a new house. And even if you have a cheaper fuel available, you are still better off with intelligent canopies.

The heat cost using intelligent canopies is so low that investment in a slurry cooling system is poor. The example below compares two different options, both investment and running costs. The calculation covers one room with 500 pig places.


Slurry cooling for heating

Intelligent canopy





Floor heater

€ 1470

Intelligent canopies

€ 6500

Space heater

€ 3080

Canopies + lying boards

€ 2200

Feed of hot water

€ 800



Extra heat pipes and concrete

€ 1000



Heat pump system

€ 3350



€ 9700 


€ 8700

The investment is at the same level, running costs are in next table.

Running costs

Slurry cooling for heating

Intelligent canopy


kWh/ year


kWh/ year

Heat pump produces 500 x 86 kWh


Intelligent canopy, 5 kWh/ place





Total kWh


Total kWh



With cost of electricity at € 0.1 per kWh the economy is € 1000 saved in investment and € 1180 every year in running cost.
This calculation is solely based on energy savings, intelligent canopy also improve the performance of the pigs, which a different heat source to the same design does not.

Above calculation is recognized by leading advisors and is based at standard house design. Contact your local representative for a calculation, which fit to your situation.


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