Understand how an Intelligent Heat Lamp works

Canopies and intelligent heat lamp mean:

It is the control of the heat lamp, which is intelligent. An infrared temperature sensor senses directly, how the piglets feel. It records the surface temperature of piglets lying inside the creep area and the floor temperature, when piglets are suckling. 

We call it intelligent because it constantly senses and reacts on changes in the creep area, adjusting the heat output of the heat lamp correspondingly. The environment inside the creep area is perfect all the time. The piglets stay inside the creep area, do not seek other places and use the milk for growth. They do not waste energy in the milk keeping the body warm nor seeking a better place to rest. The heat lamp consumes minimum of energy as it accurately supplement precise the heat, the piglets demand.

What do you achieve?

Mortality lower as piglets stay inside creep area.
Heavier piglets at weaning.
Much lower heating cost.

The infrared temperature sensor of the intelligent controller sits at the canopy close to the heat lamp. It constantly measures the skin temperature of the piglets (or floor temperature, when piglets are out) and the controller adjusts the heat output of the heat lamp up or down. The controller can work with any electrical heater.

The intelligent heat lamp controller comes in three different configurations. You decide your self – or guided by us – which configuration fits your demand:

Moveable: The controller with infrared sensor serves several pens as you move it to a new pen after 7 or 14 days.
Fixed: The controllers stay in place, they are permanently fixed to the wall, the ceiling or a feed pipe.
Centralized: The fixed controllers are linked to a desktop computer using a tiny bus cable. The computer gives supervision of the activity in each pen and abnormal pens are pointed out. Also start of a room centrally is possible as technical support via the Internet.




The intelligent heat lamp has patents and patent applications.

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