Massive Energy Savings using intelligent Heat Lamp

Get a huge energy saving, when the creep area has intelligent control. The heat is as the piglets like it. Healthy piglets in a good creep do not need any additional heat after a few days; the creep is heated only when piglets are out.

New function gives extra savings. In the hot season you cannot keep the ambient temperature low, and it might go so high that the piglets leave the creep even with the heat lamp off. This may eventually turn the heat lamp on as the floor no longer is kept warm by the piglets. Checking the ambient temperature and limiting the heat output  gradually prevent this to happen.

Many test show big savings and excellent economy. EnergiMidt, major elecrical power company in Denmark has made field test and has published the results (Danish):

Heating system

Cost of heating,
€ / year

Electrical floor heat + 100 Watt heat lamp 65
Floor heat using straw boiler + 100 Watt heat lamp 28
Floor heat using oil boiler + 100 Watt heat lamp 63
Floor heat using heat pump + 100 Watt heat lamp 32
150 Watt heat lamp + intelligent controller 13


Savings 60 %. The French national pig association IFIP has conducted several test together with some big cooperatives, which have been published in French. A full scale test over one year showed that the canopy itself saved 25 % heat; the intelligent heat lamp saved further 60 %.

These tests showed a consumption of 22 kWh per litter and a saving of 32 kWh per litter. With 5 week cycle in the farrowing section this gives 332 kWh savings per year. With 4 week cycle the savings is as much as 416 kWh per year.

Watch the report (English)


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