Savings on Energy are unbelieveable big

Big and proved energy savings.

The substantial savings come from the much better utilization of the heat produced by the weaners themselves. And opposite wood, straw, electricity and oil this heat is free.
For pig producing countries this saving can be registered in the national energy consumption. For Denmark the savings have a potential of 150 million kWh per year or equivalent to 0.3 % of Denmark’s carbon footprint.

The basic numbers from Danish Pig Production for the traditional two-climate pen have a yearly consumption of 25 to 35 kWh per weaner place. Danish Consulter’s Association also takes into account the loss of producing and feed heat to the individual room. They have basic number of 45 to 50 kWh. Local consulters use 70 kWh when applying for approval of a slurry cooling system.

For hot nurseries with no canopy the National French Pig Institute has 86 kWh per year and pig place.

Intelligent canopy consumes 5 kWh per year and weaner place. This is less than 1 kWh per produced pig.

If a company has a yearly production of 2.5 million weaners you need 380,000 weaner places. If the present system has no canopies the savings is as big as 31 million kWh per year. And with a price of € 0.1 per unit, the potential for saving is € 3.1 million per year.

If a farmer has 8 rooms without canopies each holding 480 weaners, he has 3840 weaner places. He saves 86 – 5 = 81 kWh per weaner places or total 311,000 kWh per year = € 31,100 per year.

The payback time can be as low as 2 years, if you install the system in a new house. For renovation the payback time is 3 – 5 years. Normally you also see improvements in the performance of the pigs, and cases with payback time of one year for renovation are not unusual.

Some countries and states / provinces have grants, when you invest in intelligent canopy. Contact your local dealer for the actual possibilities.  

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