Monitoring of Emissions from Farms

Stable and secure measurements of air with ammonia and CO2 content down to 0 ppm

VengSystem has as the only company developed a system to continiously measure the emissions of ammonia and carbon dioxide from a farm. With this system that farmer is able to document that he meets the authority's requirements, and thereby avoid a large part of the approval procedure in the establishing process. This will give him freedom to choose the method to bring his emissions under the allowed limits

To measure emissions, you need to measure both consentration and flow. The systems are build to match every projects unique requirements, thus very flexible.


The concentration is measured with the VE18 MultiSensor, which can handle up till 9 rooms. It has only one sensor, placed in a central, clean room, thus giving the sensor a longer life and bringing maintenance to a minimum. A small pump brings a sample from each room via special measuring hoses.

In pig and poultry production the amount of ammonia and carbon dioxide is important parameters for good production results and a healthy working environment.
A system for measuring ammonia and carbon dioxide provide strong assurance that the animals do not suffer harm, and that productivity is not limited by climate.


Flow is the volume of air leaving the stable. Measuring of flow in this harsh environment has been very imprecise, but installing a special measuring fan, provides a very high accuray. The fan is connected to a VE14 Universal Input, which converts the puls into m3/h.


 Object based data collecting



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