Prefab Pipes with Power and Bus Cables for fast Installation

VengSystem can supply prefab pipes containing electrical supply cable and bus cable in order to connect the controllers VE121 and VE122. The pipes are made to the actual distance between two controllers. If a row of pens are so long that you require more than one phase, a 5 wire cable is supplied, and otherwise a 3 wire cable is supplied. The cable has 1.5 mm2 cross section (13 Amp. max). Parallel with the supply cable runs a bus cable, so connection to a PC is possible, now or later.

With controllers fitted to the wall the pipe is fixed with 4 pipe clamps, which are inclusive. Screws and plugs are optional. Also supplied is two membranes to be fitted at the side of the rear part of the controller and where the pipe is pushed through.

With controllers fitted to the ceiling a stainless solid wire is suspended from wall to wall. The wire is supported by the suspension rails. The pipe is fixed to the wire with cable strips (not supplied). Membranes are used as above.

Below you see a table with the standard products. By ordering specify the distance from centre to center of the controllers. The pipe is supplied 100 mm shorter. All cables are pre-made for easy assembling.


Item no.




Pipe with 3 wire cable and bus cable, max. 4 meter including 2 membranes.



Pipe with 5 wire cable and bus cable, max. 4 meter including 2 membranes.



Fittings for suspending wire for pipe

One per row


Solid wire1.5 mm stainless




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