EC Fan has no Emergency Possibilities

Break downs, Hi-Lo versa EC fans

The EC fan has a direct current motor with permanent magnets, which cannot run at normal mains voltage.
In addition you must have a power converter, either built-in or next to the fan, which converts alternating current to direct current and then again to trains of direct current pulses with reversing polarity, all dependent on the rotational speed of the motor. It has certain similarities with a frequency converter.

In case of a fault at the power supply, a lightning strike or simply a fault in the power converter the fan stops. You have no way to get it up running until you have a new fan, a new motor or a new power converter and have these parts replaced.

A Hi-Lo system does not stop even when the common frequency converter fails. When the room gets too warm, the controller switches the fan from the frequency converter to the mains. Burnt fuses or tripped ground fault circuit interrupter may stop the fan, but your electrical installer has the skills and spare parts to rectify this. You do not need an expensive technician from your dealer.

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