Smart Solutions on Fire Demands

Demands from fire regulation are increasing in livestock houses. Prevention of explosions of flue gasses and spreading of a fire has focus.

VengSystem has the solutions to the many fire demands. The modular control system with the VE bus cable offers unique possibilities to comply with a wide range of demands. When the bus cable is placed at outward side of a building it will survive until the building falls apart. Temperature sensors placed inside the building cannot damage the communication at the bus cable, so the system is alive until the building collapses. This complies with the general demand from fire people.

In most cases the fire demand can be met using the standard functions, but special functions are prepared in the PC software PC Log, so any demand can be met at moderate costs.

The photo below shows a fire air outlet. All control gears are positioned at the outside, and they will not be affected by the hot air flowing through the outlet.

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