Alarm and Emergency Opening

VE95 Alarm and Emergency Control. VE95 monitors up to 20 rooms. It makes alarms and controls emergency opening of the ventilation system. The display shows actual alarms and further information. Testing calling equipment is easy using an alarm test function. It has two independent outputs with individual time delays. VE95 demands an outdoor temperature sensor in order to adjust alarm set points with increasing outdoor temperatures. In addition it has 39 free alarms, which can be set to any task as water, feed, light, activity etc.

VE95 connects to the VE bus cable, no separate cable for alarm etc. is required, and so installation is fast and cheap. The VE108 brain module or the PC software PC Log lets you check and set alarm values.

It demands VE91-40 power supply for monitoring and charging the 24 Volt battery, which also is the source for power failures. An alarm system for 20 rooms requires one VE95, twenty VE10A sensors, one VE10 outdoor sensor, one VE91-40 power supply with battery and finally one VE108. All modules have to be interconnected using the VE bus cable. VE91-40 demands mains voltage.







Alarm accessories

Land line telephone call. Calls up to eight numbers with recorded vocal message. Pressing 8 at the phone you activate listen-in, and it transmits sound from the room, where it is fitted. If you have expanded the PC Log software with sound files, you may listen to the alarm cause and actual values. You also can sign in for the alarm, so the calls stop. 





GSM telephone call. No land line is required, you save dues. You must have GSM coverage and a SIM card without pin code. Operation and check goes with text messages. In order to change a telephone number you send a text message, and shortly after you receive a text message as a receipt. The service team of VengSystem also have access via the Internet for troubleshooting. The unit comes in a water proof case.

The siren makes an acoustic alarm at the farm, which could be first step in an alarm sequence. If nobody responds VE95 later can activate telephone equipment. 


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