Piglets experience a better Environment

Lower ambient temperature = less ammonia.

A lower temperature in the room has besides the positive impact on the sow also another implication: The temperature of the slats and slurry is correspondingly lower.

Lowering the temperature one degree reduces ammonia emissions with 15 % (Danish environmental Agency). A drop in temperature of 4° gives 48% less ammonia from slats and slurry. Odor and water vapor falls similar, and you can set the minimum ventilation much lower.

In fact, the demand for space heating can be half. In many climate zones you can avoid having a space heating system (except a mobile heater for drying out). You may avoid the cost of heating system in new houses, and in any case you will have a much lower heat bill.

In the cold season with no heat demand your air quality will be remarkable better. Piglets breath air close to the slats, and they will have much less ammonia affecting their sensitive and growing lungs. This can be sensed all the way including the finishing section.


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