The CO2 concentration in the air is the base for CO2 controlled ventilation.


The system measures the concentration with minute’s interval. The concentration determines the level of minimum ventilation.

The minimum ventilation adapts continuously to the conditions in the room, and average settings of minimum ventilation has gone.

Minimum ventilation too low:

Bad air, smell, humid, condense water at walls and windows.
High level of bacteria and virus with increased risk of contamination.
Low or no heat cost.

Minimum ventilation too high:

Fresh air, no smell, too dry (coughing).
Low level of bacteria and virus with low risk of contamination.
Big heat cost or low temperature in room causing increased feed cost.


You cannot set correctly your minimum ventilation because the demand of fresh air varies over 24 hour, as animals are active or sleeping.

With CO2 control the minimum ventilation does not need to be set, the recordings of the CO2 level assures the right settings. The ventilation level is exact to demand, no more – no less.

The system is a VE18 MultiSensor pumping air samples from the individual rooms to a high-grade CO2 sensor. From the recorded values, the environmental computer can calculate orders for air out, air in, heat and cooling. At last, these orders transfer to the objects responsible.  

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