Exhaustion from several Rooms or Zones

Central exhaustion

When the air outlet is common for several rooms or zones within one room it is called central exhaustion. It is quite common with many small rooms with low demand for air as 5000 m3/h. It might also be the case with partly air cleaning.

An example is rooms with an air demand for 16,000 m3/h and 25 % of the capacity must pass an air cleaner.

It is recommended to control the air intake in three independent zones if one big room holds both mating, gestation and gilt areas. The air outlet can, however, be common and even placed centrally.
Dividing a room into zones in order of combining air from the side with air from an end (tunnel) also calls for central exhaustion.

The modular design of VengSystem’s control system can handle any setup of central exhaustion. The rooms can even be of different size. The digital control system leaves a pressure sensor out, which allows an increasing negative pressure together with increased air flow, which saves a lot of money in a central duct design.

Example: A section with 12 finisher rooms, some with pigs at 100 kg other rooms with pigs of 30 kg can have a lower common air exhaustion, namely the average of the air demand. Usage of CO2 controlled maximum ventilation makes the management easy, so the heaviest pigs get more air than the lightest.


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