Baby Piglets are smaller or younger than normal weaned Piglets

Baby-piglet room

This is the room, where the smallest weaned piglets get one week extra to reach weight, typically 7 kg. It also can be for the biggest piglets weaned earlier than the rest in order to limit number of foster sows. In both cases, you need very warm and clean environment, but on the other hand, you do not have the challenge of dunging in resting area in hot weather.

The optimal system is canopies with intelligent heat lamps, but you do not have to make the lifting automatically. If you anyway want a possibility to lift canopies during animal inspection, you might as well use the components for this job but leaving out the automation part.

The free height at the front should be 0.4 meter, and 0.5 meter at the rear (against the wall). Calculate heat lamps at 20 - 25 Watt per pig place, and no space heaters required down to -4° average winter temperature.

Rescue Deck

Some farms use these in an attempt to avoid foster sows. The piglets are very young, down to 10 days. Indeed very small piglets like premature babies, very sensitive to cold and heat, temperature has to be very precise and constant.

A common problem with rescue deck at the market is heat distribution. One heat lamp at the cover does not distribute heat OK. Think of the piglets lying against the non-insulated wall have the lowest heat. VengSystem advocates a new cover with two heat lamps controlled by an infrared sensor, so all piglets get sufficient heat.

The intelligent heat lamp guaranty the right supply of heat in rescue decks. The space is very small so you must have some intelligence to prevent that the piglets are not overheated. VE121 and VE122 control the temperature as accurate as in a couveuse in a hospital.



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