Fully automatic Canopies saves Labour

If you already have traditional canopies in your weaner section you also know, how much management these canopies demand. Adjustments must be made often and in time to avoid dunging below the canopies. You may also open your canopies in advance, which costs a lot of heat and depresses production level.

Intelligent canopies have not this challenge as the canopies are adjusted automatically and very precise. The canopies are lifted when pigs feel too warm, and the lowest position is automatically increased day by day as pigs get bigger. So when the climate outside influences the indoor temperature the position of the canopies is adjusted accordingly.

Asking farmers they stipulate that 8 rooms each with 16 pens demand one hour daily for inspection and adjustment of traditional canopies. If labour cost is € 26 per hour, the intelligent canopies save each year € 9500.

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