Alarm System calls for Help when Animals are endangered

When the life of the animals is endangered the alarm system must call. The alarm system is an integrated part of the control system and yet 100 % independent of the environmental computer.

The VengSystem alarm system can monitor up to 20 rooms using the VE bus cable. You can have several nets, so an unlimited number of rooms can be monitored. The system has an outdoor temperature sensor, which automatically adjust the alarm settings when a high temperature in the room is caused by a high temperature outdoor.

It is easy to connect the alarm system to a PC. The PC gives a complete view over temperatures in all rooms plus the actual settings for minimum and maximum temperature. You may change alarm settings at the PC, and a security feature prevents an unintentional change of settings. The PC software can handle up to 160 rooms.

When an alarm is active the system will after some short delay release a stage one alarm, which can be a siren or telephone call to a staff phone. After a further delay you can activate a general call to all telephones connected to the farm. Telephone calls can be made with wired telephones or GSM telephones. You can even get a text message.

If the PC also has the PC Log software you may have the alarm spoken over the loudspeakers of the PC. With the wired telephone module you may even listen in in order to hear the spoken alarm.

When you have installed the VengSystem alarm system you can easily extend room by room to an environmental control system. You simply add some sub controllers, you already have temperature sensor, power supply with battery, bus cable and eventual PC connection.

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