A faulty Ventilation System may suffocate the Animals

Security is the fourth demand besides temperature, air quality and uniformity. All farms in EU countries with forced ventilation must have an independent alarm system in each individual room. Alarms from the environmental computer are not independent and do not comply with the legislation.

Security is divided into:

  • Alarming
  • Emergency opening
  • Emergency ventilation

The most frequent cause to a ventilation failure is not power failure nor technical malfunction but misuse of the environmental computer. One example is to set the computer to “empty room” even when this is not the case. That’s why the alarm system designed by VengSystem also covers these cases.

The alarm system of VengSystem more than comply with Danish Insurance Company’s demands..

Quality of semen

Semen for pigs must be kept cool. Farmers have refrigerators to do this job. But often staff has the door open so long that the temperature of the semen gets far too warm. Placing a temperature sensor inside the refrigerator connected to the alarm system keeps staff aware of keeping the door shut.

Installation is quickly, just connecting to the nearest VE Bus cable. Alarm setup can be done by a technician using the Internet. Set the alarm limit at the alarm box.

A faulty refrigerator will also cause an alarm.

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