Ventilation is a key player

The ventilation system is a key player utilising the full genetic potential of your animals. We advocate an assessment each year by a skilled technician.

VengSystem has well equipped service vans with special measuring gears and tools. Also a range of spare parts so almost all jobs can be made in one visit.

The sub controller modules are so universal that they do not change over time. They might be more capable but they can still act as spare parts in very old systems.

The environmental computer VE108 has been in production since 2001. Still the VE108 of today fits perfectly as a replacement. In 2026 you will still have new spare parts for systems installed in 2001. This also gives a good management at the farm because the user interface is the same in old and new buildings.

VengSystem has telephone support 24/7. If the technician on duty cannot take your call then leave a message at the answering machine and he will contact you as soon as possible.

Thanks to the modular control system most problems can be sorted out by Internet connection. The risk of contamination is similar not existent.

Keep costs down.

Wide houses with steel frames are tall and the air outlets require a scaffolding to get access.

VengSystem can supply an air outlet with shutter and fan placed, so they can be serviced from the roof. The modular control system allows the technician to address the environmental computer via the bus cable, so he can finish the job without going in and out or having a second technician in with a portable phone.

Easy maintenance and lower costs – that is VengSystem.


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